The Eatonville Chamber of Commerce

About the Eatonville Chamber of Commerce

A Little About Us....

The mission of the Greater Eatonville Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate a healthy and thriving local economy. The Chamber promotes individual success, small business development, and entrepreneurialactivities by providing information and education, umbrella services, and leadership to local businesses and members. The Chamber actively participates in the projects and activities of other agencies and organizations to communicate and further Chamber objectives.

The Chamber encourages broad participation among the community, local organizations, the Town of Eatonville, and other government agencies in all matters affecting the economy, environment, and community. The Chamber supports efforts to protect and conserve natural and cultural resources, recognizing that stewardship of the natural environment and Eatonville's heritage are essential to the local economy.


Eatonville is a community with a thriving local economy. It embraces local and sustainable industry, cottage merchants, and tourism. Eatonville honors and maintains its heritage which is rooted in agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries. Eatonville grows within sustainable limits, maintains its small-town feel, protects its natural environment, and nurtures a harmonious community. Eatonville concentrates its services within the town to support a regional rural economy. It provides an economic structure that supports all, including low-income senior housing, local employment opportunities, education, and a comprehensive transportation system.


The Greater Eatonville Chamber of Commerce values the uniquely American view of freedom - with its reverence for personal independence and individual rights. The Chamber prizes the special character and spirit of the Eatonville community - especially visible in its giving, sacrificing, and coming together in times of need. The Chamber champions fair business practices and inclusive economic planning.


The Greater Eatonville Chamber of Commerce advocates optimism, positive thinking, transparent decision-making, and "subsidiarity" (making local decisions locally). The Chamber employs a personal touch, helping people to maximize their potential.